Making Unique Room Signs For Your Small Business

If you have a small business, such as an antique store, a clothing boutique, or an art gallery, with several rooms of items for sale, placing signs outside of each doorway letting customers know what waits inside the room can help people find what they are looking for easily.

Here are some instructions for you to use to make your own unique hanging wooden signs to place outside each doorway in your establishment:

Materials You Will Need

  • Oval wood pieces
  • Wrought iron plant hangers
  • Hook screws
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain in two shades
  • Clean cloth
  • Hammer
  • Paint scraper
  • Letter stencils
  • Paintbrush
  • Polyurethane

Preparing The Signs

Before decorating your signs, prepare them by screwing the hooks in place so they can be hung. Screw a hook in the middle of one of the wide sides of the oval on each sign, along the edge so the hook protrudes in an upward position. When you hang the sign, the oval will be wider rather than longer so that the wording will fit better. Sand both sides of the oval wood pieces to prepare them for staining.

Coloring The Signs

Start with the lighter of the two shades of stain you selected. Dip a clean piece of cloth into the stain and rub it on the face of each of your wood signs. Allow it to dry thoroughly, flip the signs over, and repeat on the other side. Allow them to dry completely.

Rub some of the darker stain along the edges of each sign. Rub some of the same color lightly along the perimeter of the face of each sign. Allow it to dry and flip over to do the same to the other side. Allow to dry.

Decorating The Signs

Use a hammer to tap the signs lightly, adding a few dented portions to each side. Use a paint scraper to add a few scratches to both sides of the signs, as well. This will give the signs an antique look, making them appear a bit distressed, which is a trendy look at the moment.

Place your lettering stencil on one of the signs and dab color with your darker stain using a paintbrush inside the opening of the letter you choose. Continue with the rest of the lettering, being careful to keep within the stencil. Allow to dry and repeat on the other side. Paint a coating of polyurethane on each side of the signs. When the signs are dry, they can be hung from wrought iron plant hangers. Attach the hangers next to each doorway using the included hardware.

To learn more, contact a company like Sun Signs & Service with any questions or concerns you have.